La Rioja
alfredoselasescrib | 10-07-2017 | 16:18

Rioja is a landmark as far as wine is concerned. A tasteful land of power and magic, as we say in exquisiterioja, where we serve wine tours, experiences and wine tasting events.

Rioja´s winemaking history stretches back to Roman times. Being also important the foundation of medieval monasteries along the St. James Way in the Ebro river valley. But it was mainly from the 16th Century onwards that Rioja´s wine production developed steadily. It enjoyed a major boost in the late 19th Century, when the vineyards of France were devastated by phylloxera, so during 20-30 years French wine merchants arrived in Rioja seeking new wine supplies.DSC_0004

Train Station Wineries District, Haro

That event led to the modernization of the wine making procedures and also sparked Rioja´s long-standing love affair with oak Leer Más


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