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What is this?

A bottle of wine, isn´t it?


It is a concept; a wish or rather a source of joy.

Wine is more than lusty red color, incredible aromas and magnificent bouquet. Wine is the sheer power of Nature, a tremendous invitation to feel the very soul of a natural area.

In the Riojan Higlands (northwest of La Rioja, Spain´s premier wineland) we know this pretty well. As a territory of wines originating on the hillsides south of the Obarenes Mountains, which are under the protection of NATURA 2000 NETWORK, the spell of its wines is the result of a wise and well balanced coupage of the best of its different terroirs, which (together with special climatic conditions) contribute with subtle nuances to the resulting wines: fineness, elegance, freshness, sophisticated  and silky tannins, plus a  dainty rounded body.

The beauty of the site has always been preserved; nevertheless, extra care is being taken now so that, on the one hand, vignerons are aware of the extraordinary value of their vineyards and, on the other hand, up the hillsides, the natural environment has the consideration of NATURA 2000 NETWORK, a Europe-wide network of protected natural areas of high ecological value with common objective. Special protected areas for birdlife; Sites of community importance; Special areas of conservation where appropriate measures for keeping them are taken to preserve a favourable conservation status such as carbon sequestration, prevention of natural disasters and also the possibilities for developing tourism and leisure activities. Right what we are trying to do with Exquisiterioja.Leer más


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