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Rioja wineries have always enjoyed welcoming visitors, introducing them to their wines and entertainig them with lavish meals. However, it wasn´t until recently that most of the wineries started using these visits to promote some of the central aims of Wine Tourism. These aims are: to promote the brand and their wines directly at the winery, to sell wine at the vineyard ant to win over new clients and gain their loyalty by establishing emotional bonds.

Interesting initiatives and synergies can emerge when companies get together to promote the wonderful DOC Rioja vineyards. Such is the case with EXQUISITERIOJA, a wine tourism company that curates wine, food, and nature-based activities and gateways where the visitor/wine lover is the focus of every experience.

Extraordinary things are happening in the world´s wine-producing areas, particularly in Rioja, with a wonderful lifestyle and wealth of natural and cultural resources where visitors/tourists can look forward an indulgent holiday experience featuring fantastic food and wine, amazing places to discover and endless things to do and see.

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